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The history of Naruto: Naiteki Kensei shrowded in mystery is revealed to you in a series of updates! Find out for yourself how it all started.

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Welcome to Milestone Update #1!

We here at NNK present to you with the first official Milestone Update of the few Milestone Updates! This is a way to give you a glimpse into the inside workings of the development team and to understand what kind of trials and rewards we've gone through.

Modding is not something easy to do and accomplish by the snaps of your fingers. It takes weeks, months, just to get one single feature in. It takes weeks and months to just get one model completely modeled, skinned, rigged, and completely animated. Plus people may not be able to work on the project due to school, work, or family matters. However even some of the teammates spent entire days just trying to work on the project, losing sleep, study time, and social time out of the internet just to complete this project for you, the community.

So sit back and relax as I, kong, on behalf of the NNK team, take you through a journey in the past of Naruto: Naiteki Kensei!

Chapter 1: The Gathering

With the popularity of Naruto on the rise, the increase of console games for Naruto, and the fail of many Naruto projects increasing, the yearning and cries for a Naruto game for the PC grew stronger and stronger. That answer now comes to you in the form of Naruto: Naiteki Kensei. The history of such a project, laying in the depths of mystery, will now be revealed to you.

From an ever-evolving mod scene on the original Half-Life platform was the ever-popular Earth's Special Forces, a Dragonball Z Total Conversion. Within this TC laid talented individuals in the many fields of "amateur" game development, such as level design, 3D art creation, writing and programming. From the open grass plains to the long cylindrical paths of the ship of Babidi did Cold Steel shape, to the vibrant accuracy and the fine details of a Trunks model did Ned create. Among these ranks Kong talked to many of the individuals about the idea of a Naruto project as a free tribute to a series that was gaining evermore popularity, all the more to gain more loyal fans to the series.

Many Naruto projects failed in the past with one of the most critical reasons was the lack of a programmer. Finding a programmer before the project starts who is capable and willing to help out is very important. Finding talented team members with the right work ethic is also an important key point in fast and prompt progress. Before even starting the project Kong made sure that these keys points were assured: right attitude, right talent, right team.

Early December 2006 marked the date of the meeting of these individuals:

- Kong - Level Designer for ESF
- Dj Ready - Head Level Designer for ESF
- Super Vegetto - Sound/Animator/3D and 2D Artist/Art extrodinaire
- Kama - 2D artist for ESF
- Darktooth - Animator for ESF
- Gab - Community member from ESF who knew a talented programmer

Later on, these individuals joined up the project in February of 2007:

- Phobius - Board Moderator for ESF
- Ryokeen - Programmer for Final Power
- Sven Da Man - 3D/2D Artist
- Eclipse - 3D Modeler

Gab never stayed with the project, and never could contact his programmer friend. Darktooth left the project, but came back later to help us with animations.

Through much deliberation, the very first draft for the project was created, which of course has gone through many revisions. Here is a little taste to what we had originally in our design draft. Note that not everything listed below is how it will work in our final build.


1.1 The Stamina System
• Some of the performable techniques will include double jumping, dashing, and taijitsu.
• When not expending stamina, stamina will slowly recover over time.
• Holding the Stamina to Chakra (default: “R”) will convert Stamina into Chakra.

1.2 The Chakra System
• The Chakra system will be used primarily for genjitsu and ninjitsu techniques.
• Holding the Stamina to Chakra (default “R”) will convert Stamina into Chakra.
• Pressing the Focus Chakra (default “F”) key will place the user into imbued mode, enabling their Chakra usage.

1.3 The Movement System
• Using the key combinations of a double tap to either side or backwards will perform a quick dodge in that direction.
• Using a double tap and holding forward will cause the character to perform a dash (moving faster than normal).

• When jumping in-game, the user will generally be able to jump higher than normally allowed.
• Pressing jump mid-air will perform a double jump with an appropriate animation for the character in question being used (this maneuver consumes Stamina).
• Can jump off of walls, but only briskly.

Focus Chakra
• Pressing the Focus Chakra (default “F”) key will allow the character to enter into imbued mode, which allows them some benefits.
• Being in imbued mode slowly consumes Stamina over time while it is active, but allows the user to accomplish new tasks and feats, such as running up walls, walking on water, etc.

1.4 The Weapon System (TENTATIVE)
• Aside from their signature techniques and weapons, each character has the standard weaponry which falls (from 1 to 0 [0 being 10]) in this order: Taijitsu, Kunais, Shurikens, Smoke Bombs, and Exploding Tags.
• Most of the weapons will have a limited supply.
• Some weapons can be recovered after being thrown, such as kunais. After their object half-life (set on the server) they will disappear.

• Kunais are stronger than shurikens, and can be used for both melee and ranged attacks, with the primary form of attack being melee and the secondary being ranged.
• Inventory: 15 max
• Regeneration Time: Every 5 seconds (TENTATIVE)

• Shurikens are weaker but faster than kunais. The shuriken is used in two modes of attack, singular and spread, with singular being the primary attack form and spread firing 5 shurikens at once.
• Inventory: 30 max
• Regeneration Time: Every 2 seconds (TENTATIVE)

Smoke Bombs
• Used to create clouds of smoke, this is a non-damaging technique that is used to obscure and confuse the enemy.
• Inventory: 1 max
• Regeneration Time: Every 45 seconds (TENTATIVE)

Exploding Tags
• Exploding tags stick to walls as well as actors and objects. When stuck to a wall or object, the tag will only explode in proximity to a player, but a tag stuck on a player detonates after a 3 second delay.
• Using the secondary form of attack, one can shoot a tag attached to a kunai for an instant explosion technique, detonating on whatever it touches from object/wall to player alike.
• Inventory: 5 max
• Regeneration Time: Every 30 seconds (TENTATIVE)

* Regenerating weapons would be server enable, off by default

1.5 The Jutsu System
• When holding the Jutsu button (default is “mouse3” and “shift”), a player may input seals of the four main directions left, right, forward, backward (default “wasd”) in 2-3 seal combinations. When used in the correct order, it will activate the various higher level jutsu techniques in those directions.
• Releasing the Jutsu button will remove you from Jutsu mode.

1.6 Taijutsu System
*Ideal damage based on a 100 health system

- 5 quick punches, ends in defender sliding back.
- When one hit connects unblocked, the rest connect
- Ideal damage: 2 hp per hit = 10 hp max

PRIMARY charge
- Punch knockback going forward
- Drains 10% stamina on hit, 15% on miss.
- 3-5 second charge
- Ideal damage: 4 hp per hit

- 3 slower/stronger kicks, ends in defender sliding back.
- When one hit connects unblocked, the rest connect.
- 1.5 second delay to connect compared to the punching
- Ideal damage: 4 hp per hit = 12 hp max

- Kick up to the air
- Drains 15% stamina on hit, 20% on miss
- 3-5 second charge
- Ideal damage: 4 hp per hit

- Will be shown doing a grabbing forward animation; will take 2 seconds to initiate
- Does a quick fling forward
- Player being thrown will only take damage if hit against an object
- Drains 30% stamina
- If blocked, defender loses 20% stamina.
- Ideal damage: 5 hp against wall

PRIMARY SECONDARY hold and release = special combo (drains 75% stamina)
- Will be shown doing a special initiating animation
- 10 second charge
- If first hit connects, it initiates.
- If it misses, player is left vulnerable for 5 seconds.
- If blocked on the first hit, defender loses 40% stamina and 10% health. Combo doesn't initiate.
- Ideal damage: 30-40 hp


• Replacement Jutsu
Once activated, this technique has an effective duration of 10 seconds. The player can play and act normally while using this jutsu. If the player would normally be hit they instead teleport a small distance away (in a random direction) to safety, and leave behind a wooden log. Costs a substantial amount of chakra.
• Henge no Jutsu
This causes the character to copy another character’s form. The form would end if either initiating an attack (shooting a kunai, pressing the jutsu enable button) or receiving damage. Would continually drain a constant, low amount of chakra.

The original proposed name for the project was Naruto Broken Seals. However, due to attempts of sabatoge of the project, the name was changed to Naruto Hidden Power. The very first secret hidden boards for the team was located here.

This is the very first post made on these boards

Imkongkong wrote: Please enjoy your stay here ^^ Let's thank Phobius for his awesome board and service for us *applaud*

Please also take note to not inform ANYONE about this board or the project until any further notice!

Later, we picked up a few more team members along the way.

- Sandstorm/Sakura - Programmer
- Andy011 - Animator
- Tryforce - Environmental Modeler

Many of the team wasn't fond of the name "Hidden Power". There has been much deliberation on what to name the project.

Phobius wrote: Well a lot of people have come up and told me they didn't think hidden power was a good name and also was over used. So lets figure out a name for this mod together and then after I'll register the domain and hopefully get started on the website, then after we get a good list we can do a vote or something and decide on what were going to call this mod.

So anyways lets hear some suggestions.

Dj wrote: how about something in Japanese?
Problem is, I don't know any Japanese ;P

Sandstorm wrote: I request that we name the MOD "Chowder."

No real reason, other than humour value. After all, who would not think it kinda odd to call a MOD chowder? We could totally mess with peoples minds in public too.

"Today I'm gonna go play Chowder when I get home from work." "**** yeah, Chowder is the pwnage!" "Man, I just wish there was more content to Chowder." "Why are you guys talking about chowder so much?"

Eclipse wrote: These are your options, though it would be wrong somehow by putting the wrong two together. I got this from Freedict.com

Hidden in Japanese: hitoshirezu or hitoshirenu
Power in Japanese: isei, ryoku, ikou, kenpei, kengen, haburi, kensei

hutoshirezu kensei sounds kinda cool....

Dj wrote: how about naiteki kensei
or naruto: naiteki kensei
means inner power

Imkongkong wrote:

Milestone Update #1

That's how the name Naruto: Naiteki Kensei was born. It's funny because the japanese was actually wrong. Blame Dj Ready.

Here's also a video created by Kong for our coders and for the team to have a good laugh.

And a final look at our first forum board for the project. You will be missed.

Milestone Update #1

From our old boards, Phobius was able to purchase a brand new forum and website for us. Currently that is where we reside. Many thanks to Phobius for supporting and believing in this project!

Here are a few screenshots of some work in progress we had with creating the forum design.

Milestone Update #1 Milestone Update #1

For us, the NNK team, this was only the beginning of our long journey.

Next Week! Chapter 2: First Progress

Bocca - - 57 comments

Now I can kinda see where all your time goes..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SimonDenton - - 434 comments

Good stuff!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AlekZanDer - - 2,695 comments

This is one nice story.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

Still disappointed so much work is going into Naruto. Honestly, the series would have had a chance if it didn't have Disney level fans, and people who defend it to the death as the most hardcore, dramatic, action packed series ever.

I like Dragonball Z, but I also admit it has several faults. I realize it has some childish parts, and the story is entertaining, but nothing amazing. I -admit- that, I have yet to find a Narutard who doesn't think Naruto is the great thing to ever happen to Anime and that every new anime that comes out is copying Naruto.

I've also met kids who THINK Naruto INVENTED Ninja Arts, or that Ninjas really acted like the show. That's my main concern when I heard someone citing that Naruto contained historically accurate Ninja's. They weren't joking either.

Sorry for the rant, you guys always put in good work, but it's infuriating to see such awesome work for something I despise so much. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
imkongkong Author
imkongkong - - 132 comments

the great thing about the series that was offered is the fan base, and more importantly the diversity of gameplay mechanics to be offered. in a free roaming 3d world, it's awesome to run on walls, run on water, perform combination jutsus, throw weapons, and hand to hand combat

there's just so much offered and a large fan base already in it, we knew it would be a widely accepted and very fun experience

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

Oh, I understand that lol. I'm just saying I don't like it, despite it making perfect sense from a mod teams standpoint. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Silverfisk - - 1,080 comments

Awesome post! Looking forward to chapter two!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
HaloGhostS7 - - 89 comments

An extremely long post and well worth every second I spent reading :)

I'm left with 1 question though: What is the point of the Henge no Jutsu? It lets you look like another character, but what does It do for you combat wise?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
V-H2O - - 174 comments

KONG is Indian?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
arniuxx3 - - 50 comments

can't wait for friday :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Techercizer - - 478 comments

Wow, you guys sure have had a long road.

It's funny you mention considering having hitoshirezu in your mod; I had the same idea a while ago for naming something else.

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