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The roguelike bird simulator software comes to Steam!

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Henlo birb enthusiast!

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Migrate development is chugging along! We've been adding new content and features, screaming, and defiantly throwing things off tables! Our journey has finally brought us to the biggest games platform there is, and we're excited.

What is Migrate?

We're inspired by the quirky and chaotic world of birds, the esoteric and self-referrential humor of memes, and the charm of pixel games. Migrate is a roguelike platforming adventure from the peaks of Grandnest to the glaciers of Icehome. Guide your flightless bird through colorful environments rich with procedurally generated resources, enemies, puzzels, and secrets. It's all about momentum - keep yourself in the air by attacking and bouncing off resources and enemies. Time and pace yourself to build up your air combo, and make it to the next level unscathed. Randomized levels mean you'll need to master the game's core mechanics to adapt and react to the changing world. But the game doesn't end when your run does - bring back ancient wisdom to improve society, and experience realities altered by your actions. Fight for the day you can unseat the tyrant Roc and save your little cockatoo family.

Regularly updated!

Just today, Migrate reached version 0.99.6, building on the game in accordance with community feedback. We're looking forward to bringing big features (especially multiplayer) to all players before the main development cycle begins. We can't make the push to supreme victory without you! In the meantime, try out the demo on our brand new Steam page, and join our Discord to follow the blog and unlock discord emojis, share bird memes and more!

You may also download the latest below...

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