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New weapons effects for the hammer: direct lightning firing, electric smash and hammer thunder blast.

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Hi! Its' another update, and while I add more enemy attack animations (not to mention fixing the existing ones), Thomas Hoppner our coder is creating some really sweet weapons effects, right now focusing on the hammer. Marko Grujic is designing the different attack modes and upgrades for the Vikings weapons.

More videos covering the development of Mighty Vikings-The Blight of Skarnolf can be seen on our YouTube channel

This is the latest...

Direct lightning attack with the hammer.

MV effects1

The hammer thunder blast is looking punchy even without sound effects added.

MV effects7

Electric hammer smash....

MV effects2

Like a Taser from hell (or Valhalla in this case), The Undead Warriors are frozen in place, convulsing under the power of the hammer's direct lightning attack. Ok, I'm working on it.

MV effects5

More updates soon!

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