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Save/Load Feature Implemented, Game Release in 2009 (tenative)

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Well, since I can tell you how far I have to go, the four levels edition didn't need a save/load feature. It could be conquered quite quickly. But I have decided to implement a few features. There won't be music in-game instead, burn some music onto a CD Drive. Your music on the CD Drive will provide it. I will obviously have a slightly modified .exe file for people who want the music I am going to make once I get the USB Electric Guitar off Amazon (hopefully if there is stock at the time my mum is going to buy it for me) and then I will make some zenlectro (zen electric) style music for the game which will be a small mp3 file. Here's my progress so far:

  • Save/load Implemented
  • 10 Main levels
  • 2 Enemys, 2 Killer Walls
  • Music at the moment is a copyright issue, so I am not going to upload the version without the music removed. Sorry.

Here's what I still need to do:

  • 90 Main Levels
  • 50 Skydive Levels
  • 10 Super-hard Levels
  • CD Drive Music Player
  • Zenlectro Soundtrack
  • Backgrounds for Levels.

Thanks for reading. I hope you play the demo I have uploaded!
Video will be up soon of one of each level. Don't worry about that.

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