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Our first blog post: An Introduction to 'Metamorphosis'

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We've been working on Metamorphosis, our first person adventure/mystery game, for a few months now - and after lots of designing, discussing, writing, and a fair bit of development; here we are, finally working on our game full time out of a small office in Warsaw.

It's a story driven game (based on Kafka) where you'll play from a tiny bug’s perspective. Yup, you’re a bug. You play as Gregor Samsa, and you have to solve the mystery of your transformation from a simple salesman into this seemingly helpless vermin. To top that, your only anchor and friend Joseph K. is being arrested, and there is nothing you can do to help him! Or is there?

The idea behind Metamorphosis started a long time ago, as me and Zaq (our creative director) were talking about our two favorite things - video games and literature. This idea was compelling enough to last, and draw the attention and talents of amazing programmers, animators, and artists - and the right people to believe in us and want to back our vision.

Since our game is based on Kafka, we wanted to focus on the absurdity of every situation - both from a visual and a storytelling perspective, and we also wanted to emphasize the humor. When Carlos (our art director) came up with an amazing, hand-painted art-style, Grzesiek (our animator) started creating the slightly exaggerated, and very funny animations, and Grzesiek (our lead programmer) made our core mechanics feel fun, we knew we had something special on our hands.

There are so many reasons why we’re excited about Metamorphosis - How the perspective ties into the story and gameplay; The rich interplay between Joseph and Gregor; The environmental puzzles we’ve thought up; The beautiful hand drawn art; And telling a story that means a lot to us, and that we hope will mean a lot to you too. In the coming weeks and months we’ll tell you more about all of it.

I’m not myself a game developer, at least not in the traditional sense. But I’m a gamer, through and through, and have been all my life. In the future, I hope to talk more about transitioning into game development (for me personally, it was from project management in software development), and the business and funding sides of creating games - hopefully other game developers can learn from our experiences (we see ourselves as part of a great community).

I hope that you'll come back here often (or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for notifications) to stay up to date, and to hear from the rest of our team. We’ll share with you our successes, visions, and plans. But we’ll also share obstacles as they come along (hopefully not too much!) and let you know how we dealt with them; or that we fought and lost, as I’m afraid sometimes might be the case.

But I can also promise you, that we’ll do everything in our power to create a game that both you and us will love to play! And it would be awesome, if you were there with us along the way :)

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