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Metalmind is a pixel art rogue-lite game that player controls a mecha combined with different parts.

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Metal Mind is a top-down roguelike game that player controls a mecha assembled from different pieces of equipment.

An organization called AWC consists of politicians, scientists, engineers, and agents, thinks robots don't deserve their own consciousness, so AWC captures intelligent machines in the worldwide, deprived of their consciousness, convert them into slaves and battle machines.

There are still a group of robots that haven't been controlled by AWC, the robot that player controls is one of them, he will fight for the freedom of intelligent machines against AWC.

Mecha is assembled from 4 part of equipment. Every equipment has its weight.


Armor provides the survive properties, made up of two values-- Shield value and Struct value.

Shield value is like the armor plate of the tank, it reduces the damage you take at a certain rate, but every point of shield value will increase 0.01t weight.

Struct value represents the structure of the mecha. It don't reduce the damage you take, but also don't increase extra weight.

Most armor has an active skill, it can provide a defense or make damage to enemies or special function.

"Samurai Legacy"

"Mini AC"

*The more ability strength you get, the more powerful your armor skill is.

"Samurai Legacy" will get a more powerful slash and can summon more floating blades

"Mini AC" will release more drones and bomb around the target area


The engine part provides motion properties. It determines the max carry weight and moves the speed of mecha. The smaller your carry weight rate is, the faster you move. If you want to assemble a heavy mecha, you need an engine with a high max to carry weight.

The most engine has an active skill, it provides a special style of displacement or special effect.

The fortress mode of "Stable Walker" protects your mecha
from being pushed back and reduce the damage you take

The more ability strength you get, the more powerful your engine skill is as well.


The core part provides max electricity and electricity recovering. Armor and engine's active skill will cost electricity, electricity upper limit and recovering determines how often you release skill.

Core also provides a passive skill or other properties.


Mecha can be fitted with up to two weapons, the player can switch weapons at any time.

The different weapon has different rotate speed, attack speed, heat increase speed, overheat duration time, accuracy, action type.

Every time weapon attacks, it will increase heat value, when heat value is over the limit, the current weapon will enter overheat state. If the current weapon is in overheat state, it will slow down its rotation speed and mecha will get hurt during the state.

But not all weapons will be totally nerfed in overheat state, some weapons will be even stronger than normal state.

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