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Just put up the newest dev build for Metagalactic Blitz, a sci-fi dodgeball arena combat game! I've added some requested changes, try it out and give me feedback!

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I just released the new version of Metagalactic Blitz! This is just the demo, mind you, but that just means it's the dev build with only 2 characters, 1 map, and no online mode. All other features are present.

I took the time this release to make gifs for the changelog since these were all very visual changes. I'm especially interested if people find the first change useful, so please play the demo and give me feedback on how to improve it.

Also, if you like what you see, give us a vote on Greenlight! you can open it directly in Steam if you want.


So first, here's the change that made me take an extra week to get this demo out - we'd gotten feedback about abilities not being well understood, so we took the time to make up some icons for each ability, and give them cooldown timers. I don't think these will be used a whole lot in high-level matches, since you don't want to take your eyes off the match to look up here, but I believe it will help newcomers a lot in figuring out how their abilities work and what they can use. Plus, they look awesome, and I love them very very much :)

Balls used to be able to track quite a bit, making them hit you at unpredictable angles.

So, I made the cone sensor in front of them a little smaller, and now they only change their angle up to 60 degrees before giving up.

Balls used to track to you while dashing. while this made it easier to catch balls, it also created this frustrating case where it followed you while dashing and hit you at the end of it.

So now they simply don't track to dashing players. Balls are a little harder to catch, but it is still doable, and you can actually dodge balls now. It's DODGEball, after all.

So there wasn't anything preventing this situation you can see above, where if you get all the balls you can just dribble them on your side forever and stall the match indefinitely. Really don't want to give that tool to the trolls out there.

Since it's pretty hard to get control of all of the balls like that, and I only want to stop this if players are intentionally dribbling for a while, I made the balls respawn after being picked up by the same team 4 times in a row. Lets you do it for a little while if you really want to. I don't want to take away mechanics from the game, just stop potential exploits.

So this was a thing- some characters like ace could just get around the boundary physics, lol. Pretty stupid oversight on my part, but I increased the size so that it extends all the way to the blast zone now.

As you can see here.

And last but not least, there's a little progress bar under the BACK button on the character select screen now. It was said that holding the button down to go back wasn't intuitive/obvious, so here ya go guys.

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