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Merry Christmas to all - We hope you have an amazing day!

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Hello all,
Merry christmas to one and all.

A short update as to what we now have after theese few weeks :

11 Carts - Kim,Strippin,Simon,Martyn,Hannah,Zoey,Total-biscuit,Parv,Nilesy,Sips & Sjin - Big thanks to Shadownami and Jhamm for their awesome contributions of awesome Models.
Part of Yoglabs - Exterior enviroment Complete
Multiplayer System (Almost 1st stage complete ) - Includes Player Tracking , Intro Cinematic , start and end events , Power-ups etc - Big thanks to Robo_chiz for the amazing work
Taunt System
Working Physics
3 player Modes By Shadownami92 - Nilesy , Hannah & Zoey
Some Artwork by community Members!
Support from Some Yogscast Members (Davechaos , Parv, Nilesy , Martyn & Sototallytoby) Knowing of their support really pushes us on to our First Goal!
And an awesome Community of supports who will be the first people to Get the game , also suupportes of this Page!

- Steamfireentertainment


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