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Xmas card and Xmas Youtube videos of the special Xmas "Big Xmas Chow Down" Mode in this Xmas News.

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Merry Christmas!

Xmas Card
Last Knight/Toco Games Christmas card.

If you have been too Xmas-lazy or just to busy with all the Xmas-celebration and Xmas-thingies and have not downloaded the free Big Xmas Chow Down standalone yet here is your chance to watch others play it and also get to know more about it. Remember you can still get this as a standalone for free but only till the 2nd January! And the full version is currently 50% off, also only till the 2nd!
There are already several Youtube videos with the Big Xmas Chow Down Mode:

The Xmas mode will also make it in the full version in the next up 1.19 but since it is currently Christmas Holidays and I'm only a one man army it still takes a bit till that is ready and gone live. That version will then also the fix the ugly bug that slipped in the 1.18. It is in the story mode in chapter 2 lvl 1 and makes it impossible to progress there.
For now you could use this level unlock cheat file to skip that level: Tocogames.com
Put it in: C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Last Knight\Save

Happy Holidays and don't eat too much games served from all the gifts and Holiday sales, you could explode or something!

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