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Post news RSS Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you to all that have supported me through the entirety of the games development and release :D You have all been wicked and I could not have got this far without you! I have big plans and updates for ReversE into 2013 including new game play ideas, new levels, themed levels, and graphical updates as well as the plan to release new demo's that bring the game up to date to the latest versions!

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I would love to wish all followers and fans of ReversE a merry Christmas and a happy new year! May you have a wonderful and safe holiday and enjoy all of the games you have bought and played a bit over the holiday season!

A big thank you to everybody who has checked out, promoted, supported, given feedback, tested the demos/game, bought the game + soundtrack and generally been there to support me and ReversE! 2013 will be a more exciting year for the game as I have many updates and new game modes planned and I will be focusing on finding a publisher or putting it on Greenlight! There is the potential for me to do a kickstarter to raise more money for Unity Pro so I can do real time shadows and improve the graphical effects for ReversE. I also wish to create more skins and get the community more involved and together in skin and level creation. I would be willing to accept all level creation/skin/ideas for the game as well as I want this to be a game built for fans of puzzle by fans of puzzle too!

Many ideas have been banded around for the game which I am considering. This isnt a complete list but some of these ideas include:

  • A jump ability unlock-able by completing previous level in a fast enough time
  • Jump pads
  • Speed pads
  • A four ball mode, which splits the game into four quadrants and also ReversEs the up and down movement (like a 2x2 grid)
  • A game mode which has you avoiding obstacles and pits but locks your movement to both left and right
  • A labyrinthine mode basically like the normal mode but based on a countdown timer rather than a count up timer.
  • A collection mode (no specifics yet but ideas are there for collecting stars)

As for the winter wonderland pack I will be looking to re-texture some of the existing traps/level d├ęcor to a more wintery and icy theme and creating a separate series of levels for these too.

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New year too! :D

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