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Over the last couple of days I have been working to improve the current menu system but removing a few bugs and stream lining how you undertake tasks as a player.

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Menu System Overhaul

Over the last few days I have refined all the main menu screens as well as the npc menus in the Sanctuary from the Armory to the Mission Board. Since I have had to go threw all the forms to stream line them and make them more uniform I thought now would be a good time to give people a run down of the menu system in the game and what you as a player can do in it.

Main menu system art update.

With the stores in the Sanctuary I have stream lined them to reduce the number of clicks needed to preform any task this way you can get back to the action faster. I have also removed the sell functions from the Specialty shop and Black marked because you don't really need 3 places to sell your items in the sanctuary. So now when you go to the Black market to buy some illegal items it jumps strait in to what items you can buy to save time. Also now when you hover over an item the description is shown in a floating box next to where the cursor is that way your eyes don't have to move to read it where as before the description was shown after click and in a static box at the bottom. Now when you click on the item you purchase it strait away. This change has also been carried across to the Specialty show where you pick up items unique to the individual Sanctuaries and the Armory where you can find the majority of items for sale in the competition.

The Storage center where you manage all of your items and configure your Rig has also had similar changes. It to now has hover over descriptions, one click to move item to/from storage and a single click manual attach item to Rig or double click auto attach item to Rig feature.

The Job and Mission boards have also had a similar change to them, they also have a hover description now but in there case the not gets bigger instead of adding a new box as with the items. It also has a one click accept task set up.

The Bartender and Transportation forms have also had some changes but of a more minor variety. Mostly just to aid in the forms all having a uniform feel, for example all forms now share the same back button in the top left.

Now that the menus are feeling more refined I will be again doing some more work on the AI and path finding systems. The bellow picture shows a test that I ran earlier today, the orbs are just temp visualizations of path finding nodes. Enjoy.

For more information on the game please look at my facebook page Facebook.com
All comments and feed back is greatly appreciated thanks. :)

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