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In this Smooth Update we improved the inventory and collection interfaces. They now include the part names, abilities and descriptions. We also added an extra control layout that might be preferred by some.

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In this new update, we added a new collection interface and vastly improved the inventory interface. We also named and described every part and with that, every ability too.

There is a new control layout available on the keyboard that uses the arrow keys with 'Z' and 'X' to attack and 'Enter' for your inventory. If you want to play the game from the start, but keep all your parts, there is the Destructo-Cheat. In the main menu, hold CTRL, ENTER and DELETE, you should hear a conformation. If you want to wipe your save completely, use the Hyper-Destructo-Cheat (in the main menu, hold CTRL, BACKSPACE and DELETE).

The new control layout is optional, you can still use WASD, N and M to attack and E for inventory (which I personally prefer over the arrow keys). But the tutorial level at the start does assume the arrow keys.

The changes:
+ New collection GUI
+ Improved inventory
+ All Parts named and and described
+ All Abilities named and described
+ New keyboard controls (next to WASD)
+ New music for the Subprogram Deadlands
+ You can now also jump with 'up' or 'w'
+ Destructo-Cheat (WARNING: deletes your progress, but keeps your parts)
(in the main menu, hold CTRL, ENTER and DELETE)
+ Hyper-Destructo-Cheat (WARNING: deletes progress and parts)
(in the main menu, hold CTRL, BACKSPACE and DELETE)
* Fixed colorizers acting funny
* Fixed break sound missing on various blocks
* Fixed death warning slomo not working to the left
~ Various parts switched ability

The demo is also updated. It includes an extra level now! You can download it or use this sweet button to play it right in your browser:

And of course for the full package, you can pre-order the game at half the final price (we actually high-five for every pre-order!).

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