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Meet the cast of Terceris! First up, the members of the Redsite Expeditionary Force (REF), the main protagonists of the game.

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The world of Terceris has a wide range of characters with complicated stories and personalities. Meet the members of the Redsite Expeditionary Force (REF), the main protagonists of the game!


Dr. Eric Terceris is a military and weaponry expert who wears the experimental R-40 Battlesuit, leading the REF into battle from the frontlines. Intelligent, work-centric, and curious, the armored scientist puts his own needs behind others and does what he can to accomplish victory for him and his team. He is often the sane mind and voice of reason among the other eccentric members of the REF. Dr. Terceris is the main protagonist and playable character.


Ceithun is a highly adaptable, intelligent AI that runs through the vast network of Redsite Laboratories. Centralized in his main body, the Ceithun Master Operations System (CMOS), Ceithun is the supervisor and task manager of Redsite Laboratories who controls every system within the facility, including its surveillance and defense systems. Heavily work-centric and deadpan serious, the AI aids the REF from afar, usually in the form of remote communications and television screens, providing helpful advice and mission planning tips. Despite his seriousness, he is known to occasionally add a sarcastic remark in his instructions or advice, especially when annoyed or when the question or solution is extremely stupid or obvious.


Dr. Haley Alia is an administrative scientist. Quick thinking and intelligent, Dr. Alia provides mission planning and battle strategies for her team. She can quickly research and plan for every upcoming mission and challenge that the REF may face. However, Dr. Alia often believes herself to always be correct, caught up in her intelligence. Often thinking her way is the only correct way, she will viciously defend her thought process to the point of annoying her teammates.


Dr. Kevin Malona, who insists people call him Dr. Kevin for some reason, is a scientist who specializes in high risk experimentation. People often forget his purpose on the REF, as well as forgetting how he got a PhD in the first place. Dr. Kevin is thought to be borderline insane, speaking whatever comes into his shorted-out mind and providing some of the most insane ideas. Some people believe that his highly eccentric personality comes from the fact that he inhaled too many chemicals, whether accidentally or on purpose.


There is no man as self-absorbed and vain as the one, the only Dr. George Stephenson. A specialist in space research, Dr. Stephenson is notorious within Redsite to always admire his appearance and good-looks more than anything. Always carrying around a mirror for self-admiration purposes, the vain scientist provides insight, maintenance, and advice for space-related missions. He also provides moral support, though he will always trump his own words to others for words about himself. He once wrote an entire 4-page research study on himself... half of it was wrong.


While known under many aliases, the Zal'nier Killroy Al'canus is a businessman, just not one who does business legally. A professional black market weapons dealer and smuggler, the stern gunslinger provides excessive, and not quite legal, firepower to the Redsite Expeditionary Force. Feeling as if the Eternal Ascendancy threatens his business, he allowed himself to become allies with Dr. Terceris for his own gain, so as long as the REF provides his end of the deal...


The Latlazerian assassin Erin Xenala is the most mysterious member of the REF. Quiet and reserved, the assassin aides Dr. Terceris' team in order to help fulfill her own agenda. Quick, crafty, and lethal, Erin provides her mastery in both melee and ranged combat to the REF. Her true agenda and motives are unknown, leaving her to be the most enigmatic member of the REF.


Coming up next: an introduction to the Grandmasters of the Eternal Ascendancy,
the primary antagonists of the game.

Terceris will be released around the end of 2020.

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