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So The Contract has been in development for its first month now and we have some interesting media for you. Firstly, lets round up the Dev Team: 3 Music Engineers, 1 Programmer, 2 Level Designers, 1 Writer, 2 Modeller's, 1 Rigger/Animator, 1 Texture artist and 4 Concept Artists. On top of this, our first and second single player levels have been designed and concept sketches created, now models are now being created to get the levels built and playable within the engine.

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Our current aim is to get the basic movements and actions working in-game, the required animations and models required.

As you can see on our profile and website we currently have our main character Sebastian:

Sebastian - Low Poly & Textured

Plus our primary weapon a Ruger Mark 3, 22/45:

Ruger Mk 3 22/45

On top of this, programming has started on our game using the 2009 release of the Source Engine, plus level creation was started last week on our two missions.

In the way of audio, we have recruited a member of staff to Voice Act our handler, Specter. Another sound engineer has been recording the Ruger Mk3 in action from reloading to firing and even loading magazines bullet per bullet.

We are very happy with our progress as a team so far, including the development of our website which can also be found on our profile. We now have a community forum up and running which is just waiting for you lovely people to register and fill it with all kinds of goodness.

Also, you will find a Dev Blog on the website, allowing you to keep up to date and follow us via Facebook and Twitter:

As the excitement keeps building and our followers increase, we thank you for your interest in our project and hope that our unfolding concepts and ideas keep you on the edge of your seat as every update passes by.

All the best,
~The Contract Dev Team.


Whoa. Looking Badass!

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That head is wayyyy too big and his neck is the same width as his head. Nice model other than that though.

On your website you say the game is on unreal, here it's on source. Which is it? Also if it is on source are you trying to get a license?

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Bravo81 Author

Hi Stormy,

Regarding the dimensions, you are right and this has already been fixed. Will get updated screenshots soon.

I've got to clean up the descriptions, we was looking at the CryEngine and UDK but decided on the Source engine as I have experience modding and leveling.

Regarding the license, I've contacted Valve. Several times..
Their prices are NDA'd so its not something you can find on google, we intend on using websites such as Kickstarter to fund licenses and software.

Off topic, regarding your forum post.. I'm just on my way home from work and will respond to it soon. Honestly I'm not an amazing human being but I've got a vision and alot of ideas. You can only try!


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So this will be made for Source now?
That's a suprising move these days.

Since you allready said that Goldeneye is one of your sources of inspiration, you should check out Goldeneye Source and maybe even get in contact with the Dev-team for eventually sharing some experience.

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Bravo81 Author

I've played Goldeneye Source since the beginning, but don't know any of the dev-team. Its a good suggestion, thank you!

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