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Our first release was a bit rough, but we're working to fix the bugs and adding lots of cool new content in the meantime.

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While our first release (and subsequent bugfixes) did not go entirely spectacularly (here thar be dragons/crashbugs....), we are working hard to hunt down and eliminate said bugs. Unfortunately in the meantime we're pulling the buggy release off the net.

However, just to show what we've been up to (and prove that we haven't exactly been idle...), I've put a bunch of screens up recently, including the first batch of planes, and the lovable German Tigg'r (hoo hoo hoo HOO!).

Spitfire vs Bf109g

ALSO we've put up some little vids to show off recent developments.

These include planes: (excuse the few rough patches like lack of landing gears and such - the airfield code is the first of its kind in Spring - thanks go to Zpock for an awesome job)

and a longer dogfight (mind the volume!)


And the Katyusha weapon (also mind the volume..sorry!)


As always, more screenshots and forums may be found at:



Nice work guys... the planes do need some landing gear and a little work on the props when landing but looking great all round.. nice rocket effects...

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good stuff...I know how hard it is to come from scratch to what you guys have... great work

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Great work. Can't wait to play this!
Awesome rocket effects!

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