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Already available on Android and Windows Phone for a couple of weeks, our physics puzzler Meatballphobia arrives now on Desura! Compatible with both Windows and Linux, the game offers a humorous take on existential issues that blends 8-bit aesthetics and chiptunes with modern gameplay mechanics and easy interaction.

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We, as Protomni Multimedia, aim at creating games that can be interpreted in diverse manners, with layers of meanings overlapped like the inside of an onion. Meatballs, which are spherical like an onion, consist of ground meat and other ingredients — including chopped onions. Long story short: we made a game about meatballs and we want you to play it.

Besides its sheer difficulty — specially in the later stages — Meatballphobia imposes no other elements of tension or competition: everything is centered around relaxed puzzle-solving, with every level unlocked since the first time you run the game, no scores, no timers. The true element of tension is the very theme the game tackles: consumption, life, and death. Of course there is a palatable dose of humor — after all, you are making arrangements for the collision of a meatball against the head of a guy that screams at least two octaves too high when hit — but we made sure the 8-bit graphics and the industrial chiptune soundtrack make it perfectly clear that, yes, we are talking about cows that are made into meatballs and then hurled at an unwilling victim that, in despite of its affliction, just sits there; not a pretty picture.

Gameplay-wise, you never interact directly with the meatballs. Instead, each level presents you with a number of pieces that can be removed (the grey bolted ones), at least one meatball, and other pieces that either block or propel the edible sphere, and it's up to you to reorganize the stage so that the meatball hits the head — simple as that!

Perfectly suited for both mouse and touch, the game adapts itself automatically to any screen size. Moreover, we did our best to keep the hardware requirements as modest as possible — so performance should not be a problem for any machine capable of running a modern OS.

Today, November 12, marks the official release of Meatballphobia here on Desura for only US$2.99 — one single price and you get access to both the Windows and Linux versions! Click HERE to check it out!

If you'd rather play on your mobile devices, Meatballphobia is also available on Google Play, Amazon, and the Windows Phone Store.

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