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This is an overview for all existing MechCommander versions. Actually there are existing 6 different standalones that can be played. Read article for more information. Greetings RizZ

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All existing MechCommander Gold
Campaign Standalone Versions

Hello MechCommanders,
this is just an overview showing all different MechCommander Standalone Versions, that exist. You can download ALL of them here on modDB.

MechCommander Gold - Standalone Version list:

  1. Download - MC1 Original campaign & MCG Deperate Measures Expansion - Campaign walkthrough
  2. Download - MechCommander Gold - Xenocide & Bengal Lancers - Campaign overview
  3. Download - MechCommander Gold - X-Ray & DSC Raid - Campaign overview
  4. Download - MechCommander Gold - Exodus & TurnCoat - Campaign overview
  5. Download - MechCommander Gold - The Repulse (Russian mod Demo) - Campaign overview
  6. Download - MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours Ultimate Merge - Campaign walkthrough
  7. Download - MechCommander Gold - Prometheus Clan Wolf Version - Campaign overview

1. MechCommander 1 and MCG, the expansion where released in the end of the 90s. The Expansion was the last official release by FASA Interactive. The game was created and released under the lead of Mitch Gitelman.

2.-4. 2000-2002 - customer modders created six more campaigns that are divided into three original and three additional expansion campaign overrides. That times those files only where available for patching up the basic versions with the new campaign missions. 2006 magicX was the first one who created more game resolutions and put those six campaigns as three standalone versions on modDB. 2020 i updatet those (literally never really finished and bugfixed scenarios) and polished them. All available here on modDB.

5. Around 2008-2009 a russian modder released his personal demo mod version. It was although only released as patch for the original. I created a seperate standalone out of it with one playable short 8 mission campaign. I released it cause i really liked the missions and the micro-management the creator put into each map. Pleasure to playthrough - and in some situations really competing.

MCG Darkest Hours v4.2final! - IS Original & Expansion XXL campaign merge standalone

6. 2016-2019 i put my hands on MechCommander Gold - Desperate Measures v1.8 and evolved the basic pre-installed game folder into the biggest fullversion standalone, that ever existed.
MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours is the most complete, bugfree, stable, content-extending, mind exploring standalone version that ever existet. It is blown up to more than 300 mission scenarios TOTAL that can be played and discovered by players and combines 1.-4. in an ultimate merge with technical enhancements and new MechWarriors. Simply... basically... another dimension!
Even Mitch Gitelman loves this built!

MCG Prometheus: Clanner style Main Menu
MCG Prometheus v0.1beta - Clan Campaign Version Standalone
(will have two more XXL campaigns in the end)

7. 2019-2020 i am working on MechCommander Gold - Prometheus for over a year now. Only in my sparetime between business and real-life. I enjoy the possibilities and potential the game still has after all those decades. In spite of the MC content purge 2019 when NGNG servers where put down and the fact that i had to reupload all content - i could create and release 33 brandnew missions for the new Clan Wolf Campaign Edition standalone built. The X-Mas release is a fullversion special beta fullversion for fun and testing. This version will be further developed in the next couple of months / years. Any feedback & ideas to make a better game are appreciated!

RizZ Note: In order to play MechCommander you just need to download one of the full pre-installed game folders, extract it on your game folders and start it from there while the MCGold.iso is mounted. Physically the game only can be installed on 32bit OS or below. MechCommander is freeware since 2006.

Download MCGold.iso - Mod DB

For more information:

(c) by RizZen (2018) - overhauled (2020)

Tactical education <-> Technical support


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