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OK. So the Maze Demo is out of BETA. You can get it for free on the android google play appstore marketplace thing without going through the whole beta stuff. And...

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After a week of failed BETA testing we found some issues.

Textures don't scale! First when you try to switch the deployment platform in unity it decides it wants to destroy the textures, as in to optimize them for devices with storage restrictions. Unfortunately that just makes them look repugnant. The full screen overlay textures don't look good on low resolution screens. The text looks like a bunch of random dots, so that breaks our CC BY licence compliance for the music because you can't read the name of the artist and his website.

Controls are not as comfortable as I though. An issue of the old controls was the problem of having the virtual on screen touch sticks on the edge of the screen. During testing I found that sometimes my fingers would leave the screen. So now they are positioned away from the touchscreen's edge, unfortunately that means that sometimes when you want to strafe left and/or look right your fingers go too deep into the screen, that's not comfortable on bigger screens like my 10 inch tablet.
We released without fixing the aforementioned issues, they will be dealt with on the next version.
Branching. We are going to branch the game in two releases. One will be the demo and will give you a free arcade version of the game without the storyline and without all of the levels. The other branch will be an Adventure Story Mode with a storyline that will be released as an Alpha version and will be paid (Alpha-funding).
Work in progress. We have the geometry for level 2 done. Now to release we need to make the menu screen that will give you the ability to select a lvl (arcade and all). I hope we can post it on the Stalematestudio.com UnityWebPlayer version home.

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