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Post news RSS May's Day is not be cancelled.

There has been a change of gameplay. May's Day will be set in another time and place. I had not the time nor the energy to gather the sufficient sources for creation. I had hope to have it all set, but the current situation comes at hand. He will have to be placed into the INNER METAVERSE. I will introduce another cast soon that will depict the times that we be in. Death and remorse will not be hidden. A true genuine hero will be hidden. Weeping has to come before victory huh?

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I had to end this here. He was to come to life, but death has prevented him from showing. I will enable his life once again after I have shown that life is needed. He is supposed to be in the INNER METAVERSE, not knowing evil. His time has not come. I will bring a competitor. Jay is supposed to come before, one who knows no evil to what is hiding in the outer. He is supposed to rise above May. He is supposed to rise in violence after his parents have been defeated by evil. He is supposed to be shown the true life of innocence. James time will arrive to meet May again.

James to before May

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