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Turn-based 4X strategy game with a streamlined version of old-school 4X gameplay released on Steam. Now with achievements! Mayhem Intergalactic frees you from resource micromanagement and lets you concentrate on actual strategy. Also, there's an alien wearing a monocle.

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Mayhem Intergalactic is now available on Steam, opening it up to millions worldwide. Play against the computer or duke it out on the internet in this 4X inspired turn-based strategy game. Now with achievements.

What is Mayhem Intergalactic?

Imagine a game with rich strategy, yet simple rules. Imagine a game which only took 5-15 minutes per session, yet had enough depth and replayability to keep you occupied for hours at a time.

Imagine no longer; Mayhem Intergalactic is here!

In a nutshell, Mayhem Intergalactic is a turn-based 4X strategy game. It provides a streamlined version of the gameplay found in other turn-based strategy games, freeing you from resource micromanagement and letting you concentrate on actual strategy. See below for gameplay details.

Mayhem Intergalactic screenshot Mayhem Intergalactic screenshotMayhem Intergalactic screenshot


In Mayhem Intergalactic, you start with one planet in a randomly-generated or pre-made galaxy. Your job is to conquer more planets, expand your empire, and wipe out the other empires vying for total domination. Your opponents can be human (internet and LAN play are both supported) or computer-controlled.

To accomplish this task, you have only two moves available: Moving ships between planets, and upgrading planets. Once ordered to move, ships can't turn around or change direction until they reach their destination. When they do, if enemies are present a battle will occur, and the winner takes control of the planet.

Ships are built automatically every turn at all your planets, at a rate depending on the size of the planet. You can increase the rate by upgrading the planet, at the cost of one turn's production from that planet.

That's it. The above is a complete, if superficial, description of the rules. What it doesn't tell you is the depth of the resulting gameplay. As a master of Mayhem, you have dozens of tactics and strategies at your disposal. Blitzkrieg or defense-in-depth? Power on through the front lines or sneak around the back? Attack with full strength and leave yourself open to counter attack, or split your fleet and risk total annihilation? And those are just the obvious ones.

Mayhem Intergalactic gameplay trailer video - Mod DB

What makes this game special?

Mayhem Intergalactic is "finished", and yet under continual improvement; regular patches add new features and content, all of which are free for existing customers. Fan feature requests are seriously considered.

There is no DRM.

Key features include:

  • This uniquely streamlined take on the classic "4X" (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) genre provides your strategy fix in minutes, not hours.
  • A stirring dynamic soundtrack spurs you on to glorious victory!
  • Randomly-generated and hand-crafted maps offer interesting and varied tactical situations.
  • Create your own galaxies, then conquer them — or share them with friends.
  • Simple rules, emergent strategy. Dozens of tactics await discovery.
  • An alien wearing a monocle!

Reminds me of Pokemon

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inventivedingo Author

Gotta... conquer 'em all?

Heh. I'm not really seeing the resemblance. :-)

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