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Devlog for the month of may, New Levels, features, localization and more!

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Here's a rundown of what has changed in the game during the month of may:

  • Three New levels
    • featuring caves, new biome, faster Gameplay and more floating islands :)
  • New difficulty switch, with easier controls for beginners.
    • Hard = same as before, full physics
    • Normal = Full physics but with a little extra roll damping
    • Easy = Full physics but with a lot of roll damping
  • New Level unlock system + level selection.
    • You need to complete the first levels to unlock the later ones
    • and you can replay the level of your choice in the level selection menu
  • Added a Thruster on the plane
    • To indicate when you get additional forward force with a small effect.
  • Added localization
    • The game is now available in French, German and English.
    • Send me a PM if you spot any mistakes ;)
  • Minor Gameplay/Graphics/Quality of life tweaks
    • Reduced blue boost force by half (blue arrows)
    • Set the red boost force to the old blue boost force
    • The Start game main menu button now start the last uncompleted level
    • Reworked the Menus design to accommodate for longer words
    • Created and added impact particles
    • Updated to UnrealEngine 4.22

Future plans?

The Gameplay is pretty much finished now, but I'm planning on making new levels :)
My goal would be to have at least 30 minutes of Gameplay from start to finish in one run (currently around 7 minutes).
If I can manage to reach this goal I would love to publish a way longer version to Steam for a small price, stay tuned :)

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