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This release sees some major improvements to both the AI systems and the M.A.V. editor experience.

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Version 0.2.7
You can grab the latest updated build from our downloads page Here is a video demonstrating the new features we had added into this release.

Some of the largest items we wanted to tackle with this build was to make the entire play experience more enjoyable. The first aspect we focused on was the AI. I previous builds, the AI did not present a very engaging challenge and also showed a few game breaking bugs (like getting stuck on walls). We addressed this by adding a few new features to the AI systems.

All AI units feature a new targeting manager. This system acts as a communication gateway to all the various parts that make up an AI. It is responsible for assessing various threats, ranking those treats, and passing information between parts. For an example, when an AI come over a hill and sees you, a visual threat is sent from the cockpit to the Targeting manager. The weapons see this threat and calculate their ideal firing range, then send it to the Targeting manager. The legs get the updated threat information, assess it against other threats and obstacles, and set up a movement plan to be executed. Meanwhile, the weapons systems target the new threat and begin firing. This system allows the AI to act in a much more intelligent manner and increases it's competitiveness greatly.

We also focused on the User experience with building and deploying a M.A.V., particularly with new players. We increased the flexibly and speed at which new parts can be found, by showing them 4 at a time and doing massive speed improvements to the UI. We also revamped the part filtering UI to be more user friendly, allowing players to narrow their search down even more. Another small edit was to change the deploy button. Before, new players would often deploy without setting up the weapons and become disappointed and frustrated when they could not fire. We changed the deploy button to always bring up the weapons setting menu first, so you can check you settings, and then allowing you to deploy. We hope this helps alleviate many of the problems new players have when building their first M.A.V. .

We hope you enjoy the build!

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