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With this release I have introduced the first iteration of the world map. This dynamic map will give you an overview of the battlefield before you choose the location to deploy into.

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[Get the latest version here]

Version 0.3.7

With this Alpha release I have provided the first glimpse of what the world map for the campaign mode will be like. The world map provides a dynamic overview of ALL the battlefields, so you can get instant feedback on how everything thing is going in your territories. It is also responsible for determining the weather events that take place in the game. These weather events will impact the battlefields that they cover.

Video of it in action:

Other Updates:

There are several other code updates that took place over the last week as well.

The mobility system has been change dramatically:
The new mobility system takes several variables into account when determining your movement speed. The most dramatic is the slope of the ground you are walking on. This means walking up steep hills will be SIGNIFICANTLY slower then walking on level ground. To maintain this balance, you will also gain an appropriate amount of speed when walking down slopes. This makes the terrain a much larger factor in battlefield maneuvering.

Legs now have a Shock Absorption Stat:
This stat will affect how well the legs can handle the recoil of higher power weapons. As of now, it provides a percentage reduction to the recoil of a weapon (so a stat of 100 would make all recoil go away), but this may change to a more complex system in the future. This also helps define the roles of the legs better, and forces a little more creativity in the building of your M.A.V.

Upgraded to Unity4:
I have tackled the upgrade process and am now running the beta version of unity 4. This is a large update to the engine and will provide quite a few features that will help the game look much nicer, specifically the animation system. While I am currently not taking advantage of any of the new features, I wanted to make sure that everything I had created was compatible with the new version and any new code I add will be in compatibility as well.

Well that about covers all the major changes, if you are interested in discussing the changes further, or reporting any bugs you find in the build, there are a few threads already started on the official message boards.


[M.A.V. is currently in Alpha funding. You can participate in the Alpha builds by registering a username at Bombdogstudios.com and purchasing a membership for $10. The Alpha membership guarantees you access to all future updates, including the final release of the game, for free.]


That map looks hella cool! Very nicely done.

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Cyberdogs7 Author

Thank you!

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