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Post news RSS Matris - my new puzzle game with Tetromino Combos :D

Hi. I would like to share with you my recent project - a puzzle game about matching tetromino pieces into Combos, scoring multipliers, bonuses, extra-line-points and many more ;)

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Hi there, I'm Leaghorn and I'm back with my new project

I'l be releasing any day now :)

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Matris is a puzzle game were you match the tetromino pieces into a Combos. Tetromino are pieces made out of 4 squares.


Combo Mode

In Combo Mode you need to metch them in such way so the next piece touches previous one. This way they make a chain of pieces - Combo.

If the blocks from these pieces form a line of at least 10 blocks there's an extra score bonus.

Speaking about the bonuses, there is aditional bonus available every each 5 pieces placed on the board. If you place the piece over the bonus star you got to choose extra bonus. But watch out! It can be very good or very bad, and once you get it you have to use it. There are 2 options to choose, but one of them is unknown most of the time.

Score enough total score to win bronze, silver or gold medal!


Fill Mode

Second game mode is Fill Mode. There's no rush here, no time limits and no restrictions about pieces placing. You just have to match the pieces to cover as much of the board as possible.

100% is gold medal

For help in this mode you have 4 lifelines:

  • Shuffle - reshuffles all pieces queue
  • Choose - choose specific shape, but only for the current piece
  • Next - skip current piece
  • Undo - undo last move


Little preview movie of both modes:

Matris Gameplay preview - Indie DB

There are also Time Attack and Free Play where you can fight for the highest score in a global Leaderboard.

20 levels available in all game modes.

96^2 themes and 12 color palettes/schemes

Matris customization options - Indie DB

And thats all for today :D

I hope you like it


LZonnaz - - 2 comments

Oh my gosh, you have such an amazing talent! This is both very fun and adorable looking! I can't imagine how much work you've put in this!

To put it simply, I am amazed! Good job!

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Leaghorn Author
Leaghorn - - 16 comments

Hi, thanks. It's always nice to hear a good word from someone who appreciate your work :)

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