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After 2 days and 7 "final" versions I finally finished my MATRIS Trailer. Any feedback before release apreciated.

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Hello guys

just finished trailer for my game:

What dou you guys think? Is it OK, or do I need to fix something before final release?

It is kinda longer than I wanted (1 minute, 1:30 max) but I just couldnt make it shorter and show everything I wanted to show. I hope that if I interest someone in the first minute, the second wouldn't be a problem.

I also made couple promo GIFs.

  • This one is a little gameplay instruction in 6 steps. Its 2750 frames and only 1.3MB :D Took a while to crush it that hard.

  • Also made couple of GIFs sowing customization options (themes, color palettes and custom editable color paletes) and available levels. I tried to make GIFs look good but too heavy. All GIFs in this article are only 3.5MB which I guess is not that bad for a GIF.

A couple days ago I finished dynamic aspect-ratio support so it changes GUI based on the screen aspect ratio so its possible to play without black bars on "square" monitors. I made little mockup screen about this.

I guess thats all news I got today. Any feedback on promo stuff much appreciated.

Cheers, Leaghorn


I think the trailer is good :)! But I've seen the rest of your game videos and in each video the music is so different. I think you should use a music background that is in the same feeling that in-game music (or kind of).

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Leaghorn Author

Hi. I've only made 2 videos with music in them. This trailer and some gameplay preview earlier ( Youtube.com ) with some random tracks from YT.

The music in the trailer is supposed to be the in-game music style. What do you think? Which music style fits the game better?

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Well, at first as you can imagine, the best thing you can do is to have original music for the game.

THe music style depends of the ideas you have in mind.

You can use futuristic music like this: Youtube.com

Maybe some funky music that can fit with the color's palette: Youtube.com

If you want something to play relaxing, can use some minimalistic piano music: Youtube.com

Or if you want to stay cool in the game, you can try some minimal techno: Youtube.com

These are just some ideas, of course it depends of your preferences :)

If you need some help, just tell me :)

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Leaghorn Author

I'm planning to use music by other IndieDB user Boc_uma - Indiedb.com

The track in trailer is his. Its a little ambient with a little glitch but not too harsh. I was thinking about that style. Although I'm open to any suggestions if any style fits the gameplay best. Do you have any idea what exactly would you see playing good in that kind of game?

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If you are looking for something like that, I think something that Mirror's Edge soundtrack would be cool Youtube.com

It's more or less similar of the trailer's music, but with a more relaxing feeling.

Greetings :)

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