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Hi! We're happy to inform that Math Classroom Challenge 4.0 brings a new and important feature: horizontal math operations. With the help of a math teacher, we have included by default horizontal operations, but vertical are still available.

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Math Classroom Challenge 4.0 with Horizontal Math operations

We're happy to inform that Math Classroom Challenge 4.0 is here! (Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC versions).

This new version includes something very important for teachers and students: Horizontal operations!

Math Classroom Challenge 4.0

What are horizontal operations?

Well, usually many people of the old school learned math with a vertical approach, that is, the numbers where put right one below the others:

3 +

The vertical approach is good, but the horizontal version is even better.

Math Classroom Challenge 4.0

Horizontal format, the best way to learn math.

With the horizontal approach learning math is easier, because the resolution of the problem is more intuitive:

1 + 3 = 4

Now the game defaults to horizontal format, but vertical format is available as an option in the configuration menu.

We want to thank Damien, the math teacher that is helping with the game, for his interest and support. Now their students at school are enjoying Math Classroom Challenge for free.

Math Classroom Challenge 4.0 brings a whole new way of learning math while playing, with horizontal math operations by default, and vertical operations also available as an option.

We are planning more features coming soon. Stay tuned! Thank you!

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