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New hotfix fixes some minor issues. Read more for the list of changes.

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Update log:

- Fixed some cutscenes that were not displaying Geralt's current weapon
- Fixed quickslot potions from activating immediately on first use
- Fixed rare instance of stuck animation when using quickslot potions
- Fixed timing issues with certain level transitions when game time set to real time (eg. Vergen portal)
- Forced time passage in real time for certain areas (eg. Prologue, Chapter 2's spirit battle)
- Gem of Teleportation can be instantly targeted at the current enemy resulting in an Aard-like blast
- Quick Quen shield absorbs 100% damage, but is expended instantly after getting hit
- Removed toxicity camera effect from dialogue and cutscenes
- Rebalanced damage (makes Geralt a little tougher)
- Re-priced (cheaper) whetstones
- Save game disabled during static fist fights

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