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Marrow is entering the final stages of development, help work out the kinks

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Hello potential bug tester and welcome!

Marrow ( Indiedb.com ) is currently at the end stages of development and with that comes the need for some brave and fanciful game players to test the game for bugs and other issues as well as give some general critique and feedback. Those of you who are chosen to participate will appear in the game's credits and receive a Steam Key for the game once it launches!

But wait there's more!..

Actually that's about it.

This will be the process: you will receive an invite via Gmail that will give you access to a Gdrive folder containing a each version of the game for a particular platform (Linux, Win32, Win64 ect.) pick one (or all, go nuts) download it, open the application and get to testing! Linux and Mac users are welcome and encouraged!

The version that you will have access to will be a nearly final version of the game, however it will not contain any music and have a few, small things missing. As such, redistribution of the software is strictly prohibited.

If you are interested in participating please be sure that you

- Have the time and energy to give the game a good scrubbing. It is important to at least make it to the end of the game(the real end of the game). Don't worry though, Marrow isn't a particularly long game, but it is difficult and will take multiple hours at least.

- Marrow also has two alternate modes which need testing, they can however be played simultaneously (one of the modes is really just a filter).

- Survival mode is hard, it forces you to go through the game with a limited number of lives, old school style. It will not be necessary to finish this mode but you should give it a good try. Or maybe it's impossible, which would also be great feedback.

- You will have about 10 days to test the game, after that, feel free to give your feedback but it may not make it into the game and you may not be credited or receive your steam key.

- Once you are ready you must turn in a short summary of your feedback via email, no longer than a page but at least a couple of paragraphs, outlining any bugs, performance issues, and other general critique of the game. Remember the game is nearing completion so statements like "needs more boss fights" isn't really helpful. But "Blank is frustrating because Blank" is very helpful. You must also indicate which platform you tested it on.

- The end shot of the games true ending will have a code that you will need to provide in order to prove you actually beat it. There will also be a unique code at the end of the survival mode ending, Maybe the first to provide it will get a special shout out!

- If you are stuck or lost and can't figure something out feel free to email me and I will do my best to be your strategy guide.

So if you are interested please contact me at feverdreamgameworks@gmail.com

Depending on demand you might not get picked to be a tester and you won't know you have been picked until you receive the invite in the mail.

In order to participate you must provide a Gmail address.

The test will begin in under a week (hopefully).

Some screens to whet your appetite

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