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Find out more about Resort Boss: Golf's March content update!

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Hello all,

I'm excited to announce that Resort Boss: Golf's March update is now live!

The March update sees the debut of a course builder, allowing you to freely link their holes together into a guided course for their resort’s golfers, a terrain generator, a character creator and a selection of new cosmetic options, diversifying your golf resorts.

There’s still plenty to come from Resort Boss: Golf’s Early Access period, with tournaments, wildlife, challenge scenarios and more already confirmed for release across April and May.

New Features

  • Expanded the hole panel, with more information and tools for evaluating the holes you have built.
  • Added two new tools for hole building: (these tools are accessible both from the hole info panel and from the hole builder)
  • Shot Analyzer: Allows you to place the ball on any spot near a hole, and see what are the options that the AI is more likely to choose.
  • Heatmap: For holes with play history, shows you the most commong landing spots for shots.
  • Added the Course Builder, which allows you to create and customize the courses in your resort. It allows you to:
  • Choose the holes that belong to a course
  • Name and price the course
  • View the history of play on the course, complete with shot visualizers
  • View overall information regarding the golfers' opinion on the course
  • Added three new tilesets that the players can choose when creating their resort:
  • Sandy Desert: A desert themed landscape
  • Winter Wonderland: A winter/snowy themed landscape
  • Deadwood: A horror-ish themed landscape
  • Added two new terrain options for creating the resort:
  • Rolling Hills: Creates a terrain that features smooth variations in height, creating long hills
  • Thousand Lakes: Creates a terrain with several little lakes spread around the map
  • Added the Golfer Creator. Players are now able to create and customize not only their own Resort Boss, but also golfers and VIPs that can appear during general gameplay.
  • Added an option to select the boss that will own the resort that the player is creating.
  • Added support for Portuguese language.


  • Path no longer overlaps with the tee box.
  • Building editor will now choose a random wall type everytime you start a new building.
  • Adjusted the wind function to have less insane changes.
  • Removed the limit of 18 holes for the resort.
  • Replaced the game logo with higher resolution one on the loading screen.
  • Wind arrow should now point to the correct direction.
  • Tiles with trees are no longer marked as OB, but will have large penalties for the AI calculations.
  • Landscapers will now try to find the orders that are closer to them first.
  • Planting trees in the Winter tileset has a chance to spawn them with snow.
  • Taking a loan will no longer also include the interest in the loaned amount.
  • Buildings will now no longer generate income while still in the planning stage.
  • Double clicking the hole button will no longer result in invisible holes.
  • Tutorial panels now hide properly if you load/create a new game while playing the tutorial.
  • Fixed issue with a nullreference when trying to close the hole panel which led to the panel not closing.
  • Modified the failsafe to make the AI stop if it stops approaching the target object.
  • Adjusted AI logic to be able to finish the hole.
  • Course builder has been disabled during tutorial.
  • Course selector will now be properly highlighted, and fixed issue with the attributes not updating.
  • Golfers will no longer attempt to play a closed hole.
  • Courses are now being properly cleared when starting/loading another game.
  • Set the correct label for the localization and added auto-resize to the text that didn't have it.
  • Add/Remove buttons are now properly localized.
  • Not completing the hole tutorial will no longer lock the hole builder in regular play.
  • Fixed the issue with the tutorial options being clumped up together on the scroll view.
  • Fixed issue with an Add button that was being labelled Remove.
  • Fixed issue with a Remove button that was being labelled Add.
  • Fixed another issue that was leading to the hole builder tool becoming unusable.
  • Set the proper replacement flags for the text.
  • Courses are now being properly loaded when loading a save game.
  • Added localization for Reset Tutorial.
  • Course button is now properly unlocked after finishing the tutorial.
  • Added missing localization bindings.
  • Added missing Portuguese translations.
  • Added a failsafe for calling golfers from the queue, to avoid the null reference issue.

The Resort Boss: Golf Team

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