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March was crazy with a lot happening. Award finalist, Patch 0.3.0 & New release date

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Hello again!

Great to see you :D

March was crazy with a lot happening.

Award Nomination

We are all absolutely thrilled about this and began working hard preparing for the event by updating the demo to a much more polished version.

Patch 0.3.0

We have been working hard preparing for the event by updating the demo to version 0.3.0 with bug fixes, additional content and much more polish.

  1. Balanced and fixed audio
  2. Added flashlight tutorial prompt when in a dark area
  3. Every tutorial prompt now has it's own icon indicating which button to press.
  4. Updated washing line box model
  5. Lowered Henrys curtain so it can no longer be seen from the washing line
  6. People page: Redone with unique comments on each page
  7. People page: Added friends list to to make it easier to navigate between profiles
  8. Yak: Improved chat logs
  9. Can now run using 'Shift'
  10. Player head bob animation

New release date

With all the excitement we will also be delaying the release of the game until June. We believe this extra time will help produce a more rewarding ending to the game.


We haven't been able to make much in-game progress to the full game - but have a good plan to get it done as soon as possible.

Some things we have done is write out a good plan for the end of the story and are now ready to start implementing it!

One additional thing we have done is start an implementation to add mod support through the steam workshop.

Until next time


The team at James Games

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