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The Character spotlight is a special announcement where we share with our fans a character from our game Vengeance once a month. This month of March: Michelle

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Sold on the Chinese black market as a sex slave at sixteen, Michelle's life was a day to day routine. Her master was the Red pole (Enforcer) of the Triad, and known throughout the underground as one of the most deadly assassins in China. At times, Michelle would sneak and watch her master train,attempting to learn his moves. Later, she would practice by mimicking the movements down to every last detail. Eventually she was discovered by one of the servants--who was amazed at Michelle's precision to her master's moves, yet at the same time had created a style all her own. Hearing of this, her master challenged Michelle as a way to observe her abilities. Michelle had no choice but to accept.
As the fight began, Michelle held back out of fear. Until that moment; she had only practiced without use of a dummy or sparring partner. Her master was a much more experience fighter, and sensed Michelle was not fighting to the best of her ability. Scolding her in a tone of cold iron, he threatened to kill her. If she would not fight for her life, then she was not worthy of it. What began as a simple duel was now a fight to the death. Michelle unleashed her full fury on her master, refusing to accept death.
The battle that ensued attracted the servants who stared on with amazement. Michelle matched her master toe to toe for nearly twenty-minutes before losing her footing. Gaining the upper hand, her master delivered one final punch that sent Michelle flying back. Her body collided with a bamboo wall before meeting the ground. In pain and exhausted, Michelle forced herself to her feet. She was still alive, therefore the fight had not yet ended. A passion burning in her eyes, her master saw the markings of a great warrior. Without hesitation he took Michelle as his apprentice; being formally introduced to the Triad family as a new member and learning the art of assassination.
She rose through the ranks and soon became romantically connected with her master. Rising up from slave to master assassin and wife of the deadliest assassin in the world, Michelle had left her old life behind. One day while training in the courtyard she heard several gunshots from inside the house. Running to investigate an explosion knocked her off her feet. When she regained her senses, she witnessed several people leaving the scene--recognizing them as a rival family. She pleaded with the heads of the family for retaliation, but was denied. Taking matters into her own hands, she left seeking justice for the wrong committed towards her. Anyone who dares stand in her way will be removed. She will avenge her husband...at all cost

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