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Just a brief update on whats going on in the good old Evildot dungeon

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Things are more or less shaping up really slowly, bits of beginner map are falling into place...in other words big empty rooms filled with air now populate the soon to be mod.

Other then maps, things are all written up and thought out pretty well (I hope) and all that's left to do is sit on Hammer for a good few hours and hope that things come together.

Now by now you must be asking yourself, "What game mod is he working on that requires a source map editor? Why doesn't he just say what it is already and stop acting like everyone already knows!"

Well if you have made it this far into this I guess I have to tell you, what this is all for is a mod I'm currently working on with the working title "Galactic Commando"

A game set in a future where humanity has spread to the stars and of course war breaks out to settle who owns what.

Now this sounds like any other "Science Fiction" game out on the market right now, what makes mine different is the fact that.
A) I want something COMPLETELY different from what is currently out, I'm tackling this by creating a single player campaign that combines FPS and RTS seamlessly as freaking possible. Right now the mod going to stick to only single-player just to flush out ideas and prototype the ideas and technology stuffs.

and B) If people actually like this and give me good feed back and give me tips on what needs to be fixed and such, I hope to make an independent MMORPG with a single-player campaign that complements the online aspects.

Now I haven't made a project on here yet because....well I'm in the very very VERY adolescent steps in the project that all I have at the moment is a full word document and a map filled with empty rooms.
But don't get discouraged, If anything of what was said here sparks any slight interest or curiosity please don't hesitate to message me on here or leave a comment.

I really want to make a connection with people through this project, this is my very first major project and I want to see what people think.

Thanks for your interest,
Your Friend
Nicholas Cooper

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