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An update to keep everybody informed: Some additional mapping has been done, whilst a lot of time is going into the story and the background information surrounding it. Furthermore, as you might have already read in the comments, the story is being scipted by NaxEla. I'm very excited about this collaboration as we share loads of the same ideas about this mod.

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To make sure we do this mod justice, and make it every bit as interresting as possible, we have chosen to make this a Full Conversion Mod. We have got the basics working and we're testing many of implemented features, one of which is the weather. As for now, lightning (visual and audio) and rain is fully functional.

As for now, most of the time is put into telling the story in different ways. We are very cautious with how we bring this story, as we don't want to overwhelm the player with information in the form of reading page after page. Custom images for diaries and notes will make reading slightly more interresting, whilst we'll also tell the story in a more audio-visual fashion.

Mapping-wise, we'll try to create a unique, perhaps less amnesia-ish, feel for the area's. Expect to see some unique area's full of details. Scripting-wise, we'll try to make the game contain some unique stuff as well!

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