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I'm in dire need of map designers for Modern Warfare TDS. Click on this article for more info!

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Modern Warfare TDS:

At Ease, Cadet. I've finally found some time to continue my development on my video game. However, I need some talented map makers to make me some really great maps.

I've been looking at some of the reviews I got and one thing that stood out was the small map sizes. They're right, I do need bigger maps, nut, at the same time, I'm not good at making a creative and well balanced map. If you want to be part of the map making process, here are the requirements:

Hint: In th CS2D map editor, when you click on the wrench icon (#2 on the picture), make the ratio 1:1.

If you wish to contact me about the map development, contact me @ greenhawkuniverse@gmail.com or at unrealsoftware.de at Greenhawk

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