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The world of Mandana is full with secrets and many undiscovered lands. the reason for that is really simple, how can you discover something if a barrier blocks your path? and when you enter the barrier, you will come out on the side where you started? that is the basic rule of Mandana.

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the World of Mandana is based on regions. You can see a region as a different world, and each side of a region is blocked by barriers. When you enter the barrier you will come out on the other side of the region, just like a planet, eventualy you will come back on the same place.

So for all the people of mandana they think its just that, and nothing more. and they are not aware of the other regions. And therefor technology, time and habbits are different in every region of Mandana.

I cant say more about it, it would be a big spoiler.
But i can describe the concepts that i have uploaded.
As you can see in the image gallary, you see raptors, knights, man in biohazard suits, punk girls (sorte anime looking) and many more. and many people question on which direction this game is going. so how about a small explanation,

Like above, the world is divided into regions, and each region has a style, historic moment, habbits, and even time. one region is based on the prehistorica, a world full with dino's like raptors, T-rexes and go on. but if you saw the image gallary, you see knights and a guy in a bio suit. that is something i cannot tell you all. but all or rather most historical moments of planet earth will be in Mandana with twists.

However, the regions doesnt effect the main character(s) and the main character kept all original clothing. and gained additional powers. Rock music was the key ellement for the Main character.
There will be 2 sets to pick from, the rock version of the male and female main character. and the second set is based on beauty and sexy for the female and casual for the male. and during the game you will encounter more people who can join you..

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