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Now Mama Die and Retry is available on STEAM. This game is a tribute to the working-class heroes. It's a first game, It was a lot of work, of pains but what a journey! Learn pixel art, coding, music, etc... You cannot find devlog, video or explanation of this work.

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Behind the funny main character, behind the story, there are one statement "everything is possible if you work for it". That's why it's a tough game. You have to work to success trough the 26 levels and the four bosses but in a funny 80's vibe.

MAMA Screen 0005 Layer 26

Honestly, there are no technical/gameplay innovations in this game.

It's a vibe, an atmosphere. It sounds like an old arcade game, all made with heart and soul. That's why this game is different. It does not innovate; it stays in its decade. I wanted to freeze in time what an arcade was.

MAMA Screen 0019 Layer 10

The challenge is to reach the next one to continue the story. Mama Die and Retry is an old school action platformer that offer a challenging experience through 4 worlds and 4 bosses. Fight with a working-class hero and discover new horizons filled with a lot of aliens and threats. Use your broom against them. Each time you die, you will retry.

MAMA Screen 0007 Layer 24

Don’t Kill, just pushback - Dodge, Avoid, perfect your platforming skills, that’s the point.

This also implies that a part of the challenge, if you are good enough or if you want it, is to speedrun the game. So, you can find at the end of the level a rank depending on your time. Challenge it!

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