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MB Team is looking for spectacular kills achieved in Movie Battles 2.

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Hello there,

I'm interested in pushing my video editing skills forward. To do this I'd love to get some demos from interested players. I am looking for spectacular frags and tricks that you folks can pull off.

For me to consider including your frag, please include the following in your submissions:

  • Name of the demo: So I recognize which demo we're discussing about
  • Name of the fragger: So I can credit you properly
  • Time fragging: How many minutes/seconds does it take? Around what time in the demo does it occur?
  • Description of the frag: What happens in the video? What map? What class? What weapons were involved? What makes it spectacular?

Send the demos to goodolben@moviebattles.com. I will be accepting demos for a month. Last day of submission is 23rd of June, I will not include anything sent to me after that.

Here are some past frag videos from me and the community to give you a picture of what I'm after!

Gargos' Drive

Lervish's Dirty Girls
Walu's Unexpected

~Good Ol' Ben of the MovieBattes Team


no MB3?

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im sure this wont be obnoxiously overused by douches like ichbinbatman

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For Movie Battles 2

Hi,I got Idea.It should be in map that will release soon(in a new version or etc.)Classes= Jedis(Rebels = Red Team),Siths,Mandas,Bounty Hunters,Commander (Rebel),Soldier(rebel),Arc Trooper(rebel = Red Team).

Tıme Fragging Should Be 5,35 (5 Minutes,35 Seconds)

Name Of The Demo = Movie Battles 2 - Next A Frag Video

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