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We updated the game with voice-overs and other improvements such as accessibility options. Happy Holidays!

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Hi Indie Lovers,

I am happy to announce that we updated Nanotale with voice-overs. We still need to tweak them here and there, so, we recommend you to low down a bit the effect sounds in the menu before playing.

We also added some accessibility options such as the Open Dyslexic font, which I truly recommend adding to all your games. It's easy to add and help a lot of players.

We also updated the game with some fixes and improvements. Here's the full list.


  • Voice-overs
  • Accessibility options:
    • Open dyslexic font
    • Health regeneration overtime
    • Toggle a pause in the world so you can get out of a bad situation
  • Adaptive difficulty based on your wpm (active by default)
  • Difficulty levels
  • New Fox abilities (new upgrades for the Fox)
  • Reveal effect when you get a new spell fragment


  • Teleport issue in the cave
  • Serpent battle doesn't reset correctly
  • Ray of fire sometimes didn't burn poison


  • Art and visibility improvement in the forest
  • Can backtrack after Serpent battle
  • New main menus
  • New Loading screens

vlcsnap 2020 12 17 17h05m35s252

Note: The secondary characters in Nanotale, don't have sounds/voices yet. We plan to add emotes/sounds when you start a dialogue with them.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Holidays!

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