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The new update v2.0 is now live with new features , balances and much bug fixes !

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Hey everyone , the new update v2.0 is finally live
Sorry for the big delay , since i was trying figure out releasing a new update on steam after long period of not releasing updates on the store .
The next updates will be very rich with new content and changes especially the next major update v2.1 ! stay tuned !

Update notes :

New features :

  • Zooming & Dezooming with mouse wheel is increased
  • Aircrafts have now icons in the minimap
  • Canons are now targetable by units
  • The Escape button show pause menu
  • Minor improvements on interfaces

Balances :

  • Dshk Uaz level 2 nerfed
  • Humvee M2 level 2 nerfed
  • Su-34 bombs have different angles when throwed
  • Su-34 bombs speed increased 375->500

Bug fixes :

  • After playing a new game or restarting the game , the usa
  • soldiers dont move and usa team loose the game : bug fixed
  • After Uaz or Humvee destroyed and nothing selected , the repair / upgrade icons persist : bug fixed
  • When playing with Russia Team you cant spawn Spetsnaz special forces squad : bug fixed
  • Su-25 russian aircraft dont shoot missiles : bug fixed
  • Statistics interface show some wrong values : bug fixed
  • Upgrade icon of humvee dont disappear after selecting another unit : bug fixed
  • Soldiers shadows are no more visible after they enter humvee transport
  • Soldier squad is deselected after going to enter humvee transport
  • F35 bombs size have lesser size
  • The Uaz dshk icon dont dissapear after the engine is destroyed : bug fixed
  • On keycode Su25 pressed , the plane dont move well : bug fixed
  • Units icons persist after death and can be clicked to spawn it : bug fixed
  • Upgrade icon humvee m2 disappear now after select another unit
  • Upgrade & fix icons dont disappear when selected m2 humvee is destroyed : bug fixed
  • All vehicles stop now immidiately once the Fuel = 0
  • Military base once upgraded , the " countdownbar " in interface stay visible : bug fixed
  • F35 & F15 sometimes shoot on sea randomly : bug fixed
  • Between max population and actual population a missing " / " : bug fixed
  • The base icon get invisible after fade out alot in begin of game when playing with usa : bug fixed
  • The indication arrows in begin of game & the water effect on boat ( playing as russia ) are in front of boat : bug fixed
  • "Wave coming in 10 seconds" text , dont change in time and stay visible : bug fixed
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