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Post news RSS Major update adds VR, a host of visual enhancements, and much more

This latest 2.0 title update brings VR, a host of visual enhancements, additional graphics options, 16 new skyboxes (scenery), user accessibility improvements, and more.

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Greetings Pilots!

Allow me to introduce you to this huge title update for Absolute Territory bringing all-new VR mode! For those without VR headsets, there is a host of visual improvements and upgrades to pleasure your eyes.

To VR or not to VR?

That is your choice. Make it a good one :)

VR provides a first-person experience piloting every starfighter available to fly. Each fighter has a 3D modeled cockpit to look around for improved situational awareness. The HUD display is presented in futuristic hologram-vision with 3D curving to keep every element in your view without cluttering up the cockpit.

Warp to new horizons

To keep you firmly seated in your cockpit, warp speed has been invented for transitioning to new areas during multi-staged missions faster than the speed of light.

Warp Tunnel

Visual Enhancements

A range of visual enhancements brings increased fidelity to the original graphics along with:

  • Increase fighter texture quality for all Endophora fighters.
  • Lighting improvements for explosion effects.
  • 16 new skyboxes (updated in campaign, tutorial, waves, and gauntlet modes) along with their own unique lighting

Green Sky

New Game & Graphics Options

PCs have always been synonymous with configurability. 2.0 brings a wide range of video options to configure to either increase performance or increase visual quality.

The Enhanced Graphics option brings greater flexibility for increasing performance at the cost of visual quality or increasing visual quality at the cost of performance. Or you can just keep it disabled and use the default settings for the chosen Overall Quality setting.

Video Options

User Accessibility

  • You can disable all camera shakes if you suffer from motion sickness.
  • Field of view adjustment in Standard mode.

Simulator Modes

  • Longevity brought to Waves and Gauntlet with ship selection. Test your flying skills with all 6 Imperial fighters along with full weapon load-outs.
  • Gauntlet now provides shield recharging and ammo restock at the end of each mission.

Ship Selection in Gauntlet/Waves

Where the rest?

Check out the latest patch notes for the full list of new features, improvements, and bugfixes in Absolute Territory.

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