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The mechanics for obtaining new components are now complete. Research new components, buy and equip them and get ready for fighting.

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After reaching a big development milestone, we have now finished another important part in the integration between the website pseudo-MMO and the 3D game client.

To illustrate the steps neccessary to unlock new hulls and component, we give you this step-by-step example. Our faction will unlock a Large Red Laser by research. The player will then buy it and equip it for in-game use.

This is all done either in-game or through your favorite browser.


The faction can research new components through the technology tree, which will allow members to buy the component. Doing research costs resources for the faction, so to afford research the faction’s members have to contribute to the faction by doing missions - a part of the reward will go to the faction through the tax system.

[click image for larger view]


When the research is complete, the faction’s members will be able to buy the item by navigating to the trade center.

[click image for larger view]

Before we buy the component, we can also compare it to any item in our inventory to preview stat changes.
We see that the red laser has less damage but a much higher rate of fire.

[click image for larger view]


After buying the component we will now be able to equip it. We do so by navigating to the workshop and selecting the component we want to change.

[click image for larger view]

Selecting the component takes us to a new page where we will see how stats will change, both component and total stats. Clicking replace equips the component.

[click image for larger view]


After equipping the component we are now ready to start a mission. When in-game we see that we now have three red lasers equipped, two medium and one large. Note that all previous steps can be done directly through the client.

[click image for larger view]

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