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Flotilla WWII hasn't exactly been pretty so far, so we put in some extra effort to improve the graphics, and the terrain is looking much better!

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So we've seen some criticism of the graphics quality, apparently there is such a thing as too retro! But as promised, we listen to your feedback, so here are a few screenshots of the game with the newer graphics:

FlotillaWWII NewTerrain

In all honesty it's taken a while since the bulk of the feedback came in because we're prepping for exams before the new semester, and that's why it's gonna be a short while before the next stable installer (because we also want to integrate a smooth movement for the units). Work usually happens shortly after lunch or late at night, and that's not the best time tbh.

Now, there were also a couple of people who said they actually liked the graphics! (I'm as surprised as you are, and very happy about that too!) For those few people, there still is an option for the old graphics available from the battle setup menu - and I would like to remind all that options that do not affect gameplay take effect without starting a new battle so you can change them mid-game:

FlotillaWWII OptionsUpdate

And here's the difference in textures, I disabled the borders to make the comparison more direct:

14206152 10205614557243269 26640

So all in all, Flotilla WWII is entering the polishing stage. The currently available demo is to be considered fully functional but graphically deprecated until further notice. To conclude with this announcement, we tested the 256x256 map with the new graphics, though units may not appear as clearly as before (we've already got a couple of ideas to improve that, but suggestions are always welcome) the experience was definitely more interesting, and we unleashed an entire armada in a two hour battle for the immense island complex, supported by large bases and powerful industry:

FlotillaWWII NewLookPromo

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