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Post news RSS [Major Content Update] Alpha Update patch 0.0.3

Our first major content update in Shinobi Story! With the launch of our open alpha on April 10, we have added a lot of additional features!

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Patch Notes

4/15/20 - Alpha Testing Patch 0.0.3


Added "Spirit Guide" at every shrine around the map which can revive you. This is temporary before our death system is finished.

Haruko, the Shrine's weapon's trainer now has all weapons working

All existing weapons have been fixed, and icons added.

Many existing item icons have been updated

Bandits now deal appropriate damage

Weapon speeds and damage has been modified slightly

Mailboxes have been added at every major town and city

Minor UI bugs have been fixed

NPCs are now able to wield weapons


Golden Koban, Silver Coins, and Ryo have been added.. stay tuned

Additional weapons and armor have been added

Yokohama Town (Cherry Blossom Town) has been doubled in size

Kisaragi Town (Ship Building town) has been tripled in size

Port Hachou has been added south of the farmlands

54 NPCs have been added throughout the world to enhance immersion

All towns/cities have an appropriate amount of guards, preventing fighting in the towns

Water, Wind, and Fire jutsu have been added. Seek out the mentors for each element to learn & play with them

The playable map has doubled in size- allowing for more exploration

Giant snakes now patrol the deep forest, watch out!

Bandits now patrol the streets away from towns/guards.. be careful!

Bandits now plague Yokohama Town

Additional vendors have been added for clothing and weapons

Additional models have been added

Please restart your launchers!

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