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Post news RSS Major changes in Zombie's Daughter.

After receiving some feedback from some of the +40 people who tried out the very first beta release of the game, we would like to let you know what changes will be implemented to improve Zombie's Daughter game experience.

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Hi everybody,

After the release of the first beta and after receiving some feedback from you guys, I would like to say that we are already working on improving it (yeah right? - crazy). We were pretty much aware of all the things you told us so, in general lines, here's what will be changed plus some new thingies:

-Reduce the amount of time between waves, adopting a more tetris-like feeling to the game.

-We've come across a better way to assign the resources, without having to click like a crazy madman on the little plus/minus buttons.

-Regroup button on every door: press this button to make all the manpower leave at once!

-Changed zombie animation for a more appropriate one (already done!)

-Added survivors animation (already done!)

-Added warning to let you know when your food is going down or up.

-Frenzy puzzle-like in-game music :D (already working on it, pumchee-pumchee-pumchee-PUM! :] )

But this is not all, I'd like to introduce you to our first...

CONTEST: new monster!

As you already may be aware, we are planning on implementing new monsters attacking your churches. That's why we need you guys to tell us what would you like to see inside the game as a monster. Will it be a huge-ass zombie with a big boulder on his hands, or maybe a zombie dog whose face is melted away by acid? You GET to decide! ^-^

Please submit your request in the comments below (or at goddonaughtstudios@gmail.com) in the following format:

Name: Mr. Cracker
Description: Mr. Cracker loves saltines. One day, he discovered he came to this world to terrorize the human population and decided to start randomly attacking churches in the middle of nowhere.
Physical description: Since his name is Mr. Cracker, he pretty much looks like a biscuit. (YOU CAN ALSO ADD A PICTURE MADE BY YOURSELF! :D)

On the next news, we will release the username of the winner, who will also be mentioned in the game credits, along with the new monster unit.

Also, I would like to remind you that you can follow us on wordpress and you can also like our facebook page.

This won't be the last contest nor the last update, so stay tuned!

SurvivorZombie walks
Best and wine for everybody,

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