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Hello everyone, we hope you've had a great week as much as we have. Today's post is a little different because we'll need your help! Help us pick the final designs to our main character and the enemies as well the final boss, the ones with the most votes will be included in our game.

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Main Character

We have four color studies for our main character, tell us which one is your favorite.

main character 1

main character 2

main character 4

main character 3

Ranged Enemy

For the ranged enemy, we have three different versions for different helmets. Let us know which helmet you'd like the enemy to use.

ranged helmet design 1

ranged helmet design 2

ranged helmet design 3

We also have four colors studies for the ranged enemy, tells us which is your favorite.

ranged enemy 1ranged enemy 2

ranged enemy 3

ranged enemy 4

Melee Enemy

We have four different styles for our melee enemy, help us pick the winner.

melee enemy helmet 1

melee enemy helmet 2

melee enemy helmet 3

melee enemy helmet 4

Now, for our melee enemy color studies, what color do you want to see on the enemy?

melee enemy 1

melee enemy 2

melee enemy 3

melee enemy 4


Finally we have to show you what will be our final boss, as well as the main character and the enemies, we made a study of colors, tell us which is your favorite!

big boy 1

big boy 2

big boy 3

big boy 4

We're asking for your feedback again in choosing the designs you'd like to see in our game, the winners will be announced next week!
Until then we hope you stay well and have a great week!
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