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It's our first article about the game, and we are going to share the concept of the game, as well the moood boards.

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Hello, Indie DB Community!

We are Ars Ludendi Studio, an indie game development team currently working on a 3D roguelike shooter game where you control a character with a big head, the game takes places in his own dream where he is the Hero of Justice and must fight against his enemies. Since it's a dream, the environment where you are is going to change. For now, since it's a vertical slice it will only have one level which will be a Thai Temple.

The main feature of the game is the bobbing head which, plays a "booiiinnnggg" when you get shot in the head. The game will have several weapons divided into three categories: Melee, ranged and spells. Each weapon is going to have a unique mechanic, and it's going to differ from the others.

During the run, the player will receive different upgrades for the weapons, as well as permanent upgrades for the character itself. The upgrades for the character are going to add more mechanics and complexity to the game without taking the fun out of the gameplay. We are going to have an article where we explain the game mechanics better, as well as give a prototype for you to check out!


  • A shooter roguelike game where the character does a comic “boing" sound when he gets shot in the head.


So now that we explain the basics of the game, we are going to share the mood boards for a better visual understanding.

Moodboard Character #1

Fig1. Moodboard Character - Style of Art

Moodboard Character #2

Fig2. Moodboard Character - Style of Modelation

Moodboard Weapons #1

Fig3. Moodboard Weapons - Art Style

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed so far. The next article we are going to talk a little about our research and personas. Also, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @LudendiArs .

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