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Today a Magicka Spray Spell has been cast! Or maybe 1000nds of them! However, come and take a look at the latest progress I made with the Sandbox.

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Hey Sandboxers! 🕶️

The first week after holiday was kinda adventurous but also productive. I’m still in the process of modernizing parts of the user interface and I think I can show you something next week.

This week I fixed some bugs and made the last missing piece of data serialization / deserialization fully modular and dynamic.

Here is an image of a small MetaData.json file:

MetaData.json file

Entites connected to a content file are now fully linked per GUIDs instead of pathes. Having a predefined folder structure, linked dependencies and content types makes it possible to re-assign all content and data on loading the sandbox or a project file.

Additionally the filename of an entity data file is a GUID as well as the name of a scene folder. So the causal chain is complete.

Sharing a project of the Mercury Particle Sandbox is now as easy as copy-pasting it to a different project folder of a different user. This is important for the later workshop integration where users can share their creations with just one click.

By the way: the entity data files itself are serialized into a binary format instead of JSON, so the deserializing process is very fast and projects are getting loaded in just a couple of seconds. Later this makes it possible to browse user generated content and fastly download and initialize the project inside the sandbox application.
This in turn realizes to spontaneously open the application and directly have alot of fun browsing online and offline content and try many different projects in a short amount of time! yaay 😎

I also have something visual for you, because I don't want to leave you with nothing than a wall of text: 📃

☄️☄️ Casting a Magicka Spray Spell ☄️☄️

Thanks for reading and watching this and have a sparkling & sunny weekend! 🌞

:: Sandbox Blizz 💖

Thank you 👌

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