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MageWorks v0.0.11 includes more content, a mining cart ride, hover drones with analogue control, homing ghost skull missiles (Death Bolts), and Ice Bolts that freeze enemies in place.

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MageWorks v.0.0.11 is now available in SteamVR Early Access!

Here's a list of whats new:

> HoverDrones! Players can now bookmark a HoverDrone for a personal ride around the environment. Advanced players have requested an alternate means of traveling other than teleporting, and the HoverDrone does exactly that. Summoning a HoverDrone allows you to use the trackpad directional buttons to float around environments instead of teleporting.
> Teleporting has shifted to use the grip buttons on staff motion controller. This allows for players to use the track pad for the Hover Drone controls.
> Resource collection! Players can now bookmark a resource collection spell that allows them to collect flowers, crystals, and wood in preparation for the upcoming staff creation workshop.
> Crystal Mines! The cave has been expanded to include a mining cart ride deep into the a caverns where players will be able to collect crystals and discover new spells
> New spells! The ice bolt spell is now available to discover and freezes enemies in place. The Death Bolt is also available to discover and launches a ghostly skull at an enemy with homing behavior.
> Optimization. The game continues to see further optimization to make sure the game runs at a solid 90fps.

Known Issues:

> A.I. has been improved but continues to see further experimentation to solve several issues.
> Saved games will be overwritten during early access development. To make sure saved games are properly including new information, games will be reset for the next few builds.

On The Horizon:

With resource collection now available, development focus will be on the workshop with activities such as crystal shaping, wood preparation, and flower milling. Levels will also continue to evolve with improvements to level design, resource placement, and A.I. interactivity.

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