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In this first official news release, we would like to show off the magazine loading feature.

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v0.20Magazine Loading

Originally planned for my other two projects (ZMBE2 and Milk Carton), magazine loading is now a feature in Shooter. The game keeps track of every cartridge (and its type!) in the weapon and the loaded magazine, and the mechanical path the it moves through the weapon during operation. In simpler terms, If a magazine is loaded with bullets, and the first bullet is a hollow-point round, then the player can load the magazine into the gun, pull the slide back and forth, and this specific hollow-point round is then in the chamber. When the magazine is removed, that bullet is still present in the chamber and can be fired, or ejected by pulling the slide again.

List of currently working features:

Lametta M9 pistol

Base weapon with all mechanical features, which includes:

Safety Switch, Slide Catch, Hammer, Slide, complete SA/DA firing mechanisms as on the real M9. DA fire has a slight delay to it to simulate the trigger pull. It is not an exaggerated delay but a tiny one, which will affect accuracy and sway.

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