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So, guys, we did it. Mad Machines is now on Steam, and now it’s Free to Play! We’re super excited to share this version of the game with you all — so much has been added and improved in preparation for this release we can’t wait to get straight into it!

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So, guys, we did it. Mad Machines is now on Steam, and now it’s Free to Play! We’re super excited to share this version of the game with you all — so much has been added and improved in preparation for this release we can’t wait to get straight into it!

Before that though, we’d like to reassure all Mad Machines fans, new and old, that we’re not stopping here — we’re still going full steam ahead (get it?) in our aim to polish, improve and create an experience you all will enjoy. This isn’t the end for Mad Machines updates — far from it! We’ve only scratched the surface of what we plan to include in this game, and here’s your invite to join us every step of the way, for FREE!

Play Mad Machines on Steam: Store Page
Play Mad Machines on Discord:
Store Page

Let’s take a look at what’s been added in this update, and what’s to come in the future of Mad Machines:

Introducing the Locker

You’ll be able to unlock up to three presets for each class of Machine. Go wild!

Customization is finally here! Step inside the Locker and polish up your Machines so that they look not only ready for battle, but also just look fabulous. A passion for fashion lends itself into strong brawling ability*!

*not actually true

This version of the Locker is just the beginning for the customization options we aim to provide. Made a Machine you like? Tweet it to us @Mad_Machines! We’d love to see what you can come up with.

The new Ship is armed and ready to sail!

Now THAT’S how you Chum the Waters!

What’s the only thing better than a shiny new weapon? Two of them!

Tired of swinging around an anchor-axe, Ship has decided to mix things up a bit — did you know a vast majority of sailors in history were ambidextrous*?

* not actually true, either

We wanted to put more focus on Ship’s individuality, as many players felt that Ship was the least expressive of the three Machines. We hope that you enjoy his new animations, movement and overall feeling as you play. Smash some heads with BOTH your arms!

Progression, Season Passes and Founder’s Packs, oh my!

Customization needs cosmetics, and that’s exactly what we’re offering!

For those that want to support Mad Machines in the initial stages of its free-to-play release, we’re offering a Founder’s Pack, containing a weapon for each class of Machine based on the sports Mad Machines is designed off of!

Along with the Founder’s Pack, we will also have a MAD Bundle available which includes the Founder’s Pack along with the Season ZERO Pass (accessible once it launches April 4th)!
Truly MAD.

Wait… Season Pass?

A progression system has always been a major focus of our development on Mad Machines. Though we have had an experience and level system implemented already, we wanted a way to reward players more as they play. We’ve done this in multiple ways…

Season Passes

The Big Thing™ being introduced to Mad Machines is our Season Pass system! Each Season is planned to last just over two months, and will contain free content available to all players, as well as more things for those that purchase the Season Pass including exclusive and limited Machine skins, weapons, and official Seasonal tournaments! The pre purchase for the Season ZERO Pass is available now for you maniacal metalheads.

We’ll reveal more information about the Season ZERO Pass contents closer to the start of Season ZERO on April 4th.

Level Rewards

Numbers are cool, but rewards for earning numbers are even cooler! We’ve added new textures, features and Player Titles for you to access as you level up. From now until April 4th, these exclusive unlocks are accessible to all players — we hope this will give you a taste of the content coming with the Season Pass system!

Ranked Gameplay

What’s a competitive game without a competitive mode? Ranked uses the same settings as the Hardcore ruleset, and matches you against people at similar ranks. Play more, win more, and climb the ranks to be cutting-edge and top of the top!

We intend for Ranked to follow our Season Pass system. Your ranks will reset at the start of each new Season, but the weeks leading up to the start of Season ZERO will also count for Ranked Season ZERO, so it’s a good chance to get an early start! You can access Ranked queues from the Multiplayer menu once you hit level 5 — the arena is open to all, and those with the skill will naturally rise. You don’t need the Season Pass to access Ranked, and you never will!

And a bunch more!

  • Updates to the Tutorial and the gameplay experience for new players
  • Bots are now smarter, but also put up a fairer fight on lower difficulties
  • Miscellaneous tweaks to the UI, including the option to change your customization preset in the match lobby
  • Visual updates for the arena
  • Underlying foundation for future features (shh!)

See you in the arena!

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